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Paranation have limited places and invite you to join us for an evening of paranormal investigating at Brighton Old Police Cells Museum, Brighton, dating back to the 1830's. Original prisoner graffiti adorns the cell walls and there has been a long standing history of hauntings.

You will have full access to both cell blocks downstairs, together with the sub-basement area.

A location that takes on a sinister feel after dark, join us as we investigate this eerie location.


The location housed the Brighton Borough main police station from 1830 to 1967.

The Museum is situated below the Town Hall. The Town Hall was built in 1832 on the ground which in the 13th century was the market garden tended by monks, forming part of St Bartholomews Priory.

The venue is now a museum which houses a unique collection of trunchions and tipstaves, one of the largest in the country.

The collection was made by Alderman Caffyn and is on permanent loan to the museum from the Sussex police authority.


A truly spine chilling location and we can't begin to list the many accounts of activity we have witnessed here. Here are just a few:

• Reported to be predominantly haunted by a Chief Constable murdered by a prisoner in 1844
•  One cell is claimed to be particularly haunted

• Troubled souls that were incarcerated in the cells and detention areas, most likely to have been abused by early policing methods

• The spectral figure of a man clad in dark attire has been seen down in the cellars

•  The apparition of a man in a long dark coat and top hat appear from the area of the old cells in the 1980's
•  Ghostly monks butchered by the French in 1514 are also said to reside in the basement

• The spectre of a repulsive hag-like figure wearing a long flowing gown has also been seen

• We may also come across chattering of old councillors who have been chatting away there for the best part of two centuries

• Charles Dickens also gave readings to packed audiences here

Event Plan

The evening will consist of a short introductory talk and demonstrations of our equipment, which you will be able to use throughout the evening, refreshments and comfort break. Smoking is permitted outside in the designated area. We will then proceed with a lit walk around.

Our paranormal investigating will then commence with various paranormal experiments, group vigils, smaller vigils for the brave, throughout the evening.

Where to Meet

We will be inside the location to welcome you

What to Bring

Please wear comfortable non-slip shoes and dress warm and casual. Some of the tunnels can be slightly waterlogged.

Please bring a torch, spare batteries and feel free to bring any equipment you wish, such as voice recorders, camcorders, cameras, or anything you feel would help you with the investigation. Any personal belongings are brought entirely at your own risk.

There is no need to bring any paperwork as we have email confirmation of your booking and will have you and your party on our guest list.

Light snacks, hot and cold soft drinks will be provided free of charge, please feel free to bring something more substantial to eat if you wish, although we have no food heating or cooling facilities.


Free refreshments will be available throughout the evening.


Photo's and video's will be taken throughout the event and may be used on Paranation pages.

Parking and Directions

There is on site parking available


We do not operate a ticket system. A confirmation email will be sent to the email associated with your Paypal account. You will then be placed on our guest list and welcomed on the night.

Hope to see you there!! Any questions, please contact us:

Email: enquiries@paranation.co.uk
Facebook: Paranation - Ghost Hunt Events
Mobile: 07428 713349

Events tend to sell out quickly. To secure your place/places please purchase via the 'Buy' button on the website: http://www.paranation.co.uk . We do not operate a ticket scheme. Once you have purchased your place/places a confirmation email will be sent to you from Paranation to the email address you used to purchase tickets. The email from Paranation will confirm your purchase.

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Paranation - Ghost Hunt Events
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