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Paranation are delighted to bring you a n evening of paranormal investigation at The Rifles Museum also known as the The Wardrobe.

Paranation have exclusive access to The Wardrobe, a magnificent 13th century building. We are looking forward to taking you back to investigate this incredibly active location.

Initially the house was the residence of one of the canons who served the Cathedral it later passed into the hands of the Bishop of Salisbury.

In the 18th century members of the Coles family divided the upper and lower halls, forming on the ground floor an entrance hall, staircase hall and dining room, the arrangement which survives today.

The first tenant following these renovations was Dr John Grove. His daughter Henrietta married James Hussey.  The house remained in the Hussey family until James and Henrietta's daughter Margaret (who was born in the house) died at The Wardrobe in January 1941 at the age of 90. It then ceased to be a private residence.

After use in the Second World War as a hostel of the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) it was rented in 1945 by the Diocesan Training College for Schoolmistresses (based at The King's House) to provide accommodation for 25 students and 2 members of staff. This use continued until 1969.


We have seen a variety of activity here in the past with glass moving in the library, children in the attic, people being touched and images in mirrors. The following are other reported activity.

A lady in green has been seen in a once used bedroom, and is said to then disappear into the wall

A ghostly window has been heard slamming shut by members of staff

Abnormalities and icy blasts have been felt around the museum, especially in the Exhibition and Regimental Rooms

A cavalier type gentleman has been seen on occasions

Accounts of poltergeist activity with books jumping out of bookcases in the library

The attic space we have recorded EVP of children playing

Reports of people dying here of TB

Steeped in history I'm sure this haunted venue will be an evening we won't forget again in a hurry!!

Event Plan

The evening will consist of a short introductory talk and demonstrations of our equipment, which you will be able to use throughout the evening, refreshments and comfort break. Smoking is permitted outside in the designated area. We will then proceed with a lit walk around the museum.

Where To Meet

There will be a team member at the front door of The Wardrobe welcoming guests.

What to Bring

Please bring with you a torch, spare batteries and dress warm and casual. If you wish, you may bring any equipment you feel would help with the investigation such as cameras, camcorders, tape recorders, to record your own findings, but this is not essential.

No need to bring any paperwork, as we have email confirmation of your payments.


Free refreshments will be available throughout the evening.


For parking please find below a list of car parks near to The Wardrobe museum.

There are a few car parks nearby, the central car park next to Sainsbury's, Brown Street car park and the Market Square car park. Please check times of when the car park closes. Hope this is of some help to you: -http://en.parkopedia.co.uk/parking/salisbury/

If you wish to join us, click on the 'Buy' button. A confirmation email with more details will then be sent to the email address associated with your Paypal account.


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Where To Meet

South end of Tunnel Road, next to Cafe Rouge is the entrance to the caves.

What to Bring

Please wear comfortable flat shoes and dress warm and casual. We are underground so it may be quite cold at night. The floor of the caves can be a little uneven and sometimes sand based.

The caves are lit by emergency lighting throughout, but some parts may be in darkness. Please bring a torch!

Feel free to bring any equipment you wish, such as voice recorders, camcorders, cameras, or anything you feel would help you with the investigation. Any personal belongings are brought entirely at your own risk.

Light snacks, hot and cold soft drinks will be provided free of charge, please feel free to bring something more substantial to eat if you wish, although we have no food heating or cooling facilities.

There is no eating/drinking within the caves beyond the lobby area.

Toilets are also on site.


We have been advised the best place to park is at the Town Hall car park, this is above the caves. Free of charge after 6pm. The postcode for the Town Hall car park is: RH2 0SH.

Hope to see you there!!

Any questions, please contact us:

Email: enquiries@paranation.co.uk
Facebook: Paranation - Ghost Hunt Events
Mobile: 07428 713349

• Events tend to sell out quickly. To secure your place/places please purchase via the 'Buy' button. We do not operate a ticket scheme. Once you have brought your place/places a confirmation email will be sent to you from Paranation to the email address you used to purchase tickets. The email from Paranation will confirm your purchase.