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Here is a video taken at a recent Ghost Hunt we ran at the Red Lion Hotel in Basingstoke. We came across many spirits that had been connected to the hotels past using the Ouija board, moving orbs, cold gusts and spots.

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The Boathouse No 6 was designed by Lieutenant Roger Beatson, Royal Engineers, Portsmouth Dockyard’s Superintendent of Civil Engineering Work, and built between 1845 and 1848.

It was used for the building, repair and storage of small ships’ boats. These were pulled up one of the three slipways outside the front of the building from the Mast Pond by hand using block and tackle, and then brought into the building through large wooden doors. Some of the rings used still survive along the front of the building and set into the ground floor.

The building was in use as a boathouse until the Portsmouth Blitz in March 1941, when a bomb destroyed much of the rear part. A temporary patch was added to make the building serviceable and was not replaced until the conversion into Action Stations in the late 1990s.

Our next exciting Ghost Hunt will be at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (picture below) within the  HM Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth. So come and "Join the Hunt" at Boathouse No 6

We had a good event at the Boathouse No 6 within HM Naval Dockyard.

A unique location which received a direct hit during WW II bombing raid which resulted in fatalities.

With some interesting activity with sweet and definately sour smells, some women having their hair pulled and backs touched and another guest seeing a dark shadow with a face.

We have uploaded a video from the evening for your viewing.

Here is a video taken at a recent Ghost Hunt in Reigate Caves.

Blue shooting Orb caught at Reigate Caves 31st May 2014